Last day!

Soooo I just read the guidelines for my project and I guess I’m done today! Sadly, that’s such a relief. This project basically just loomed in the back of my head for 2 months.

But I did get some good environmental news today. I went to another panel discussion at CU that focused on infinite growth vs finite resources. While it’s not exactly a new topic, David Orr brought up the question: do we even deserve to be sustained? Meaning, why do we deserve to be here? Only when we can clarify this can we really make the right decisions on how to sustain ourselves.

“If you’re an optimist, you don’t know enough. If you’re in despair you’re sinning”

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Hello! This week I went to a panel discussion on junk science policy as a part of the Conference on World Affairs going on at CU this week. What a great talk! The four panelists discussed why companies and governments benefit and fund junk science, argued that junk science includes ignored science (ie studies of the consequences of our habits on the environment), and made clear how important it is to know your audience in trying to spread truth and encourage accurate education.

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Hello blog! I am so sorry I have been neglecting you. I have not been neglecting the news! Just my posts.

Over the past week I managed to stay in touch with the news and the environment by attending a guest speaker presentation on his documentary, Chasing Ice, engaging in my first shift with Boulder Food Rescue, and reading a Colorado Daily paper.

Although I have generally not been able to commit 3 days a week to reading the news, I feel the amount of time I have been able to commit to engaging in local and world topics be it reading articles or conversing with friends and getting involved has made me feel more connected to local issues in Colorado. There is so much going on in the world, and it is easier to focus in on a few things at a time.

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Week 7

Happy Spring happy spring!

I’ve returned to my project after a long and much-needed spring break. Let’s see what’s going on!

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Week 6:1

Yesterday I watched Gasland, a documentary exposing the dangerous practices of fracking and how they affect families around the country.  It was a great film!  I was aware of what was going on, but this film did a good job exposing the real life implications of fracking.  It’s beyond just another claim on a piece of paper.  It’s way beyond the environmental bullshit studies that claim there are no effects of fracking on drinking water.

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Week 5:2

Happy Friday! 

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Week 5:1 yikes!  The world could really go without any more twinkies.

Reading local news is significantly more rewarding.  Since there is more of an interest in environmental news in Colorado, it’s easier to find coverage AND it’s more relevant.  Yes!

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