Week 1: 1


This article documented a scientist’s travels to different “eco-tourist” and “eco-business” destinations in Papua, Indonesia.  It was good to read about less harmful fishing practices, but it sounded like the diet and culture in this province still heavily relies on fish with little regard for the effect fishing has on the environment.  If there wasn’t an eco-tourism market, that is, one in which people go travel to a place because of its natural beauty/wonder, perhaps the marine life surrounding Indonesia would suffer much more.  But this places the value strictly at an economic level.  Only so long as the value of less environmental alteration is greater than the value of “use it once” resources will the preservation continue.  If this ceases to be the case at any time, and more value arises in building resorts or condos, the decision will be irreversible.  And that is my fundamental problem with relying on economic interests to do our bidding.  But I’ll stop it there and read something else….



I’ve gotta say, I’m a little more jazzed about the “grow your own penis” sea slug.

http://grist.org/news/study-questions-eco-benefit-of-vegetarian-diet-we-question-study/, http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/08/us-health-plant-diet-idUSBRE91712520130208, http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/08/us-health-plant-diet-idUSBRE91712520130208

Okay so the argument is that while meats require more production energy, vegetarians have to eat more food to make up nutritional quality.  Because this is the case, more greenhouse gases are emitted by a vegetarian than  your average meat eater.  Now, the new French study cited by these articles isn’t actually free to the public, but the synopsis seemed to agree with the journalist’s interpretations.  But I’m still curious as to how that works.  I would say it’s definitely difficult to measure since everyone’s diet is different and the availability of food variation is not consistent worldwide.  Eat local!


That was about a half hour right there.  It feels good to be renewing an interest in current affairs, and THEY’RE NOT ALL BAD!  Optimism? +1.  Endoftheworldasweknowit? 0.

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