What’s going on here?

“We have for some reason developed the idea that everything in it’s natural state is wasted, that things are sacrilized by use.  The truth is exactly the opposite.  To use it is to waste it.”  -Derrick Jensen, Listening to the Land

Let’s face it. News can be depressing. That’s why it sells, and that’s the word I’d use to describe our global actions with respect to the natural world. But nonetheless, it’s important to know what’s good, bad, and ugly in the world today. Why? Because we need to see more connected-ness in today’s society. “Fuck it, I don’t live there” just isn’t cutting it when asked about melting glaciers in Iceland or deforestation in Brazil. I fear losing hope. I fear losing that “blinded by youth” optimism and motivation to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So here goes.

3x a week, for 15-30 minutes I’m going to get myself informed on what’s happening outside my window. More specifically, what’s going on in environmentalnewsland. I’ll write a post after each session, describing what I read (with links) and my thoughts on the issues and the world at large.

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