Week 4:2

http://scienceblogs.com/tomorrowstable/2012/08/04/seeds-for-change-the-need-for-stress-tolerant-crops-in-central-america/  GMO’s scare me so much.  Not only would they increase our dependency on industrial agricultural technologies to grow the food that keeps us alive, technologies that often rely on fossil fuels, but GMO’s also fall short to the “Law of Unintended Consequences”.  If we use GMO’s to out-compete naturally selected plant varieties, the stability that biodiversity provides for the environment will be lost, and who knows what else.

Reading these articles has either been making me frustrated, sad, helpless, or skeptical.  It’s hard to read and invest time and emotional energy into articles that talk about far away problems.  I had originally thought that the problem was that I had simply fallen behind on current affairs, making me feel skeptical and numb to the views and information expressed.  Now, I’m not so sure.  All of these issues ARE connected, but not necessarily in the most direct, physical ways.  My thoughts, questions, theories and philosophies have led me to believe in the power of community and local action, and I think the same is true for current events.  While it’s important to be versed on the world’s affairs, it’s more important to be involved and informed locally. 

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Week 4:1

Who Should Control the World’s Water?




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Week 3










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Okay this is bad, here.  I’m not doing my project.  Reading the news and staying informed shouldn’t be something I dread, and I’ve been having trouble finding news sources that give unbiased coverage on environmental issues. 

Steps to improve:

Set homepage to google.com/news
 (until I find better)

Set days to sit down and read: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

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Utah, a Nature Lover’s Haven, Is Plagued by Dirty Air

http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/02/12/us/entitlement-map.html?ref=us&gwh=F2E0BB0860770C81BF1496C0067385ED.  THIS MATTERS. 


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Whales to benefit in a reduction in shipping noise

Whales, Gas and Climate: A Gray Tale

Over 35,000 march on washington – largest climate change rally in US history Sunday 2/17/13 And it didn’t even make the NY Times?

Dude’s Opinion in the Keystone Pipeline This guy…. doesn’t make sound arguments.

State of the Union


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Not quite going well so far.  I was really busy last week and didn’t read more than once.  It was interesting, but not exciting.  I don’t feel connected to any of it.

I have been pondering subscribing to a newspaper like the Sunday Times.  Then I could read it during the week, I would feel obligated since I spent money on it, and I wouldn’t have to rely on a computer.  But I feel that has worse environmental implications.  Sure, its compostable (minus the plastic it is delivered in), but so many resources and chemicals went into producing the newspaper and delivering it to my doorstep.  But if I still don’t do it this week I’ll have to change something.




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